Service and Warranty

To ensure that every client gets their needed security and luxury, ArmoredVIP guarantees that every car that drives out of ArmoredVIP have passed the toughest Quality Assurance process. ArmoredVIP uses only the highest quality parts and supplies and armor solutions present in the market. We custom make our client’s desired vehicle depending on budget and level of protection needed, based on the National and International Ballistic Standards. To test our vehicles, ArmorVIP follows the benchmark set by the European Ballistic Standards and the US National Institute of Justice.

We make our cars depending on the degree of threat assessed through close discussion with our clients. Using the latest in technology, we custom produce the vehicle to give our clients all that they need and want. Need a car NOW? No problem, ArmorVIP have armoured vehicles on hand that we clients can get hold of immediately.

Every vehicle we make is given special attention even to its smallest detail. Our staffs are professionals, trained and experienced in creating your safe and luxurious car, as you like it. From our engineers to our line workers, we make sure they are in a safe working environment to ensure good quality output that our clients will enjoy.